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Kameron Giar-Tantes

Establishing K. Lee Design Services in the summer of 2020, I drew upon my experience in training and development to achieve two primary objectives – supporting the Midwest Fine Furnishing Industry and providing a better life for my family.

My goal is not just to sell furniture, but to support the local design industry. As a specialist, I offer reputable, custom luxury, and American-made collections. Using my extensive background in retail sales, training development, customer service, and design, I provide personalized support. I empathize with the difficulties you face and am here to assist you in preparing for any project or presentation.

My mission is simple: to help you achieve your objectives.

The Boxers


Benny Ray
Olive Mae


I have the pleasure of being great friends with a lot of great small and local businesses.  Check out their pages, if you're nearby stop in!

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